Defrag lives … I was working on it when I euthanised my art career in 2015 … But completed a version during a residency in Iceland in 2017 … Now, 2020, ten year anniversary of Slag (first solo show), it’s still in my thoughts …

Defrag, 2017, photo: Pieter Geenen.

Art Experience Design.

Art experience (AX) encompasses all aspects of the public’s interactions with art and the organisation.

AX designers work where organisations, art and the public intersect.

The 3P model.
The 3P model.

A pragmatic model to focus your art practice.

P1 stands for Private, and is the space you should spend most of your time. Its core concepts are personal and processes.

P2 means Public — this is where you show your art to peers and in (online) presentations. You come here to get feedback and input.

P3 or Product is what distracts you from the other Ps by wasting your time on promotion or portfolios.

I like this quote from John Armstrong’s How to Worry Less about Money:

At present, people define themselves as being ‘interested in art’. Then they go to art school, develop their ideas and later seek exhibitions. Galleries seek saleable work and try to promote artists. Collectors follow their own inclinations and, for whatever reasons they may have, make the careers of certain artists by buying their work. At some point, public institutions endorse and eventually canonize a few artists as highly important. Along the way there are various publicity mechanisms — reviews in newspapers, interviews in magazines, and so on. Somewhere in the background there are debates about the nature and value of art.